Parsley – Petroselinum

  • Culinary use

    Parsley is primarily used for its leaves in order to give a distinctive flavour to both meat and fish dishes. Finely chopped, parsley is added to sauces, vegetable soups and vegetable dishes.

    It is important that parsley is added to dishes at the end of cooking so that the natural aroma is not lost.

  • Medicinal use

    Parsley is an excellent diuretic and depurative and is consumed, when needed, as an infusion or decoction. Essential oil made from parsley is used to add shine to hair and as a poultice, it also has an efficient medicinal use as a cure for bruising, irritation and insect bites.

  • Interesting facts

    The fact that parsley is an herb that has a wide range of uses has led to the famous Italian saying “to be everywhere, like parsley”.

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