Sunny Herbs

Welcome to Albenga, amidst our potted aromatic herbs

Sunny Herbs
Aroma, Flavour, Health:
The three words that express the essence of our herbs grown in Albenga.

Sunny heRBs is a collection of high quality aromatic herbs with an intense and natural flavour exclusively “Made in Albenga”.

Our herb collection is guaranteed by strict internal rules and by weekly, EEC regulated laboratory analysis of residues.

AROMA: The intense perfume of the essential oils present in all Sunny heRBs grown under the Albenga sun.

FLAVOUR: The flavour of the Ligurian sea and mountains found in our Sunny heRBs and used in the kitchen to season our food

HEALTH: The beneficial effects of the essential oils used as natural remedies for our well-being.


Sunny heRBs: the production and growth of Mediterranean-tasting herbs from Albenga is a continuously evolving task

Unusual combinations for truly unique flavours
Over years, the growth of our work in the fields of Albenga (Savona) has enabled us to perfect the Sunny heRBs collection and today we can offer a wide range of selected potted Mediterranean herbs. From the classic and very well known, such as rosemary, thyme, mint and marjoram to imaginative and unique aromatic varieties such as mojito mint or lemon thyme to name just a few ( click here to see all of our products ). There are no limits to our daily commitment to discover new combinations and unusual varieties for truly unique flavours.


Cultivation methods

Sunny heRBs: High quality aromatic herbs from Albenga
Avant-garde techniques and great passion for growing exclusive herbs in Albenga

The aromatic Sunny heRBs are grown exclusively in Albenga, in Liguria, a region well known for its excellent climate.  

The sun, the light and the sea breeze confer a distinctive aroma to local production.  

It is true that we are generously helped by nature but the rest is performed by our local farmers, living in symphony with their plants, cultivating them with great love and passion and adding that extra touch of taste, scent and well-being to be enjoyed by those who will use them.  

The collection is subject to continuous research so that we can offer a complete and exclusive array of potted aromatic herbs cultivated with avant-garde techniques.  

More flavour, less chemicals for our herbs

90% of our Sunny heRBs are grown in open fields, whilst the remaining 10%, such as lemon balm, parsley and basil, are grown in greenhouses. 

This difference is dictated by the requirements of the plants themselves. Some plants, being susceptible to weather conditions, require more protection. 

Thanks to their cultivation in a protected environment, we are able to reduce significantly the use of pesticide treatments that are harmful to our health, to the environment and to useful insects.


Only the best herbs become “Sunny heRBs”
We have strict internal rules for the weekly control of the pesticides used on our Albenga herbs.

Our Sunny heRBs are subject to weekly controls performed through laboratory analysis, in accordance with our own strict internal rules and aligned to EEC regulations, to check for residues and guarantee herbs of the highest quality.

We wish to provide you only the best. This is why we carefully select our plants, dedicating special attention to the health aspects of our products.

The seven steps to join the ranks of the Sunny heRBs

Only herbs of the highest quality

  • Sunny heRBs are grown directly in protected areas in green pots that display the relevant traceability codes
  • Experts perform constant visual quality control checks, taking special note of each plants’ compactness, height and colour
  • Periodical analysis is carried out in accredited laboratories to monitor the sanitary aspects of the herbs
  • After a week, the laboratories release the test results to ensure that we comply with EEC permitted pesticide residue levels
  • The potted herbs are stored in the warehouse in a dedicated area
  • The pots are labelled using the appropriate machinery
  • The Sunny heRBs are ready to go on sale

The intense flavor of
Mediterranean herbs

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